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Free-Flowing Femininity at Erin Fetherston

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Last night at the Erin Fetherston show at Milk Studios, fall met Easter when airy looks of chiffon and lace in ivory, lilac, and mint green seamlessly floated around the U-shaped runway. Lest the springtime references get too confusing, Fetherston paired her airy fabrics and silhouettes with velvet and metallic wool counterparts and incorporated dusty orange, copper and plum to keep things grounded firmly in autumn.

Everything was bedecked with bows, from a black chiffon blouse with pleated bows on the front to flowing lilac dresses with metallic wool bows spread across the chest. Among all the gentleness, a pattern of pattern of striped black jersey and lace—found on a shift dress, top, and cropped jacket—stuck out, and not in a bad way.

Whitney Port and her crew from The City were there and seemed to enjoy the show, as did Bryanboy, who described the line perfectly as "refreshing and light." We'd add "sweet," a quality that came through even in the swag: Light lavender roses and a small box of chocolates placed on every seat.—Lauren Frankfort

Milk Studios

15th St and Tenth Ave, New York, NY