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Band of Outsiders Had Them Swinging From the Chandeliers

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Band of Outsiders made their models work last night at Milk Studios. We entered the presentation just as a young and slightly frightened male model was being installed atop a chandelier while another sat high up on a chair affixed to the wall, these two beginning a long string of tableaux vivants pieced together by Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg to create an apocalyptic party scene.

In fact, the first row of models were posing amongst props that suggested they were on a doomed ocean liner; a dining table with candles lit appeared to sink into the floor. And then all of a sudden, a different tale began with the introduction of a full snowmobile, ski sets, and a vintage Jaguar car. Models lounged about in plaid pants, wool capes and coats with fur lapels, all of a very 1970s persuasion.

Sternberg then returned to what is obviously a favorite theme: privileged teenagers up to no good. Clad in gloves with little fur poufs, saddleshoes and oxfords with cleats on the soles, the models adopted postures that suggested they were beyond bored?that their glazed-over eyes hid behind them all sorts of R-rated mischief.

As usual, Mark The Cobrasnake ignored the collection to focus on the weirdest outfits donned by those in the crowd, among them Don Glover from Community and the front man from the band Grizzly Bear; no Kanye West appearance this season. Although we doubt that any of them will be purchasing saddleshoes anytime soon, the Band of Outsiders collection is completely wearable...well, except for those wooly mammoth-like shoes. Those will probably stay a one-of-a-kind sample.
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