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Welcome to Fashion Week 2.0: The Tents Embrace Twitter

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Walk into the tents at Bryant Park this Fashion Week, and soon enough you'll notice a giant screen broadcasting Twitter above the entrance to the shows. Sponsored by American Express, the screen displays any Tweet tagged #AmexMBFW—any Tweet, that is, that the crack AmEx Twitter mediation team deems appropriate. When we stopped by today, the two guys manning the feed told us that they weed out anything too negative and anything with profanity. Even with moderators, though, the screen captures a certain adorable rawness: There's a lot of "Can't believe I'm here!" and a lot of celebrity gawking.

The Twitter screen isn't the only new concession to technology at the tents. After years of putting journalists in a sad, tiny press lounge squashed in next to the bathrooms, Bryant Park has suddenly developed a blogger-friendly media room thanks to the good people at AOL.

· #AmexMFBW [Twitter]

Bryant Park

41st St and Sixth Ave, New York, NY