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The MePa McQueen Memorial Continues to Grow

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It began early yesterday, when only a few roses appeared on the sidewalk in front of the Alexander McQueen store on West 14th Street, but by evening, many people had posted photos to Twitter of a small, yet growing, memorial springing up there.

We checked back in late last night, and while fussing with our camera in the cold for about twenty minutes, we noticed that the flow of mourners is small, but constant. Fashion folk are making a sort of pilgrimmage to the store to take a photo of the black death announcement and leave a few flowers. It's an easy 2 minute walk from the MAC x Milk Fashion Week studios around the corner, and yet we witnessed people hopping out of cabs and having the cabbies wait while they placed a candle or snapped an iPhone photo.

If anyone has seen the store today, please send your tips and photos to us at tips(at)
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417 West 14th Street, New York, NY