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The Body Shop's Firefighters Scare the Pants off Astor Place

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When we saw firemen on the corner of Cooper Square and Astor Place this afternoon, we panicked. First Village Paper burned down, then Radio Shack blew up; what sort of retail establishment was exploding now? As it turns out, though, the only thing on fire was the hearts of passing NYU stu—wait, that's horrible. The only thing heating up the street was the handsome—god, no, that's awful too. How about this: There were some extremely attractive men, wearing firefighter outfits, standing around a fire engine and handing out perfume samples for the Body Shop. (There, we managed to deliver that news without a single fireman pun!)

Along with the fragrance, called Love Etc, the firemen were giving people cards with "hot V-Day tips" for men from celebrity relationship expert Dr. Sari Locker. These included advice like "Words are very important" and "Hold her hand all night to show her that you are there for her." Dr. Locker also suggests buying your lady perfume, but we're sure that's just a strange coincidence.
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Astor Place and Cooper Square, New York, NY