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Dunhill's Innovative MePa Pop-Up: Worth a Visit

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Today, a very temporary pop-up shop and exhibit opened celebrating Dunhill's legacy as well as their Kim Jones-designed upcoming fall 2010 collection. Tucked away in a raw space on the far west end of 13th Street, the week-long exhibition was designed to emulate Alfred Dunhill's London flagship and lifestyle center, the Bourdon House.

Wondering how exactly a former meatpacking facility could represent a manor house originally built in the 18th century as a London crash pad of the Duke of Westminster? So were we, until last night, when we found out at the space's opening reception and unofficial GQ party after-party.

Plate-glass windows up front have been blacked out with brick decals and faux palladium windows as well as an Alfred Dunhill logo that appears to have been carved out of limestone rather than fashioned from stickers. The vast entry has been fitted with a projection of a courtyard and wrought iron benches. The main space is decorated with a pretty amazing hanging structure lined with arched window openings and filled with framed canvases for artwork—the artwork being Dunhill's upcoming fall collection. Which, by the way, is fantastic—still smart, structured, classic, ultra-luxurious and, well, conservative. But some of that Kim Jones signature quirk is finally shining through in colorful footwear, charming graphic prints, knit neck wear, and interesting bits of subtle branding.

Though fall pieces are obviously not yet for sale, a rear lounge offers up some Dunhill signature furnishings and gift-ware including cuff links, sunglasses, knit caps and more. Back there you'll also find a clubby lounge area and access to a couple of Porta-Potties—just like the Bryant Park tents! Hurry, though, the space is open for exactly one week and the space is worth checking out even if you're not in the market for tie clips.
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410 W. 13th St., New York, NY