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At Erin Wasson's Show at ABC Carpet, Ke$ha Discussed Glitter

Ke$ha and a feathered eyebrow, both via <a href="">Refinery29</a>
Ke$ha and a feathered eyebrow, both via Refinery29

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Erin Wasson showed her RVCA collection at ABC Carpet last night, and Ke$ha was there. We realize that sounds like we're recounting a crazy dream we had, but it really happened, and both the Cut and Refinery29 have proof. Head over to Refinery for some excellent pictures, including a bizarro eyebrow-styling trick. Or just bask in the glory of the Cut's conversation with Ke$ha, which revolved entirely around glitter. We quote:

"Hell yeah! Glitter is everything. Glitter and hair and hairspray," she said. "I'm obsessed — I'm like, a glitter connoisseur. I buy it by the pound. I have like, secret sources of glitter. And then the only thing I'm a diva about on tour is like — I need at least a gallon of glitter a night."
She hasn't found a good place to buy glitter in New York. "I get mine shipped from L.A.," she explained. "It's like a paint store that has a secret stash of glitter in the back." Though she wasn't last night, Ke$ha often wears an unusual, extra-chunky variety of glitter that almost resembles sequins. She said that stuff isn't body glitter. "It's like, industrial glitter," she explained. "I lather my body with beer or baby oil and just throw it on me."
For anyone keeping score at home, the word "glitter" appeared 10 times in that excerpt, which averages out to about once every 13.5 words. Wait, why were we excited about the Jersey Shore kids again? Ke$ha is obviously this Fashion Week's best possible celebrity sighting.

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