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Meet the Barneys Warehouse Sale Line: We Like His Hat

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It may be the start of Fashion Week, but today's also the opening day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Our own Fawnia Soo Hoo is on the scene all morning to cover the madness: The line, the clothes, the throwing of elbows. Stay tuned.

7:00am: Good morning! I just arrived for the Barneys Warehouse Sale line. By "line" meaning two other people besides me. Could it be post blizzard apprehension or Day 1 of Fashion Week, not sure ...

7:01am:The girl who arrived just after me can't believe this lack of a line and the poor guy first in line (who is dressed in the best winter wear I've seen so far) arrived at 6:45am.

7:05am: One more guy just joined. That makes 4. It's going to be a long morning...

7:12am: OK, 4 more, so we're at 8 now. People keep walking by and giving us lingering weird looks. Normally it's a "why are there so many crazy people waiting around?" type of look. Today, I feel like it's a sad, pitying, "Is that it?" look.

7:19am: THere are about 15 of us now, mostly men. A quick scan of the group: Lots of puffies, a few windbreakers and peacoats, plus this fab Gucci stripe wool number in front of me. I see a lot of duck boots, too.

7:25am: A lady just came up to the first in line to ask what time he arrived and then took a line pic. Another blogger, perhaps?

7:31am: So the girl behind me says this is her first time at the sale. She's totally going to clean up in there!

7:33am: Two girls just walked right in because they have "early access." That doesn't seem to mean as much since there are only like 20 people in line, but I'm sure they're much warmer inside.

7:33am: My bad, there are probably about 30 people in line now.

7:37am Genius. The girl behind me is busting out the hand-warmer packets.

7:41am The last sale line was full of guys in blue button-down work shirts. Today the uniform is puffy jackets and jeans.

7:42am OK, the girl from earlier is definitely our blogger nemesis. She keeps popping out of line, looking around and taking pics. I'm totally beating her in there, though.

7:44am The line is longer now and halfway across 17th Street.

7:45am I think Blogger Nemesis just made me. She mae eye contact with me and smiled as I walked by.

7:46am Staffers are finally bringing the signage out now.

7:49am News photographer is taking pics of us now, too.

7:56am The line is about 3/4 of the way across 17th now. 4 minutes and counting ...

7:59am My line mate and I are planning strategy. It sounds like shoes are the first on tap.

8:01am Any second now ... Ooh, door is open!

8:01am We're in! And they didn't make us check anything. First stop shoes, stay tuned ...

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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