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Vena Cava's Fur-Trimmed '70s Upstate Vacation Gear

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Vena Cava's show at Milk this afternoon began with three non-models emerging onto the runway, led by a short-haired blonde wearing the label's safety-pin spring top and no pants. These were the members of indie rock band the Like, and while their high-energy sound didn't entirely match the languid, 70s-druggy vibe of the clothing, they were supremely fun to listen to. We spotted more than one editor dancing in her seat as the looks came out.

The duo behind Vena Cave explain on their show program that they designed their fall 2010 collection for a customer "to wear in her cabin upstate." That didn't stop them from using classic Vena Cava touches like complicated necklines and acid-swirl patterns, but it did provide a good reason to work in lots of layers. We were particularly struck by one cozy wool cloak that looked vaguely like polar fleece, but chic polar fleece—a thing we had never thought possible. If you wear this stuff upstate, you might be the most dressed-up woman in all Saugerties, but you'll look great and you won't be cold.

Three styling notes: This show involved a ton of wide-brimmed hats that made the models look like either girlfriends of the Rolling Stones in the 1970s or Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. Out of many of those poured ponytails with bright neon highlights, proving that the hair dye resurgence is still in full swing. And quite a few models were bedecked with fur details: Fur trim on tops, furry fobs attached to belts, and in one memorable instance, an entire fox, worn as a stole, with its own tail between its teeth. The program didn't indicate whether the fur was real or fake, but we suspect it might be vintage. After all, would Vena Cava's young, hip customers really wear recently-harvested fur?
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