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Who's Twittering New York Fashion Week?

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Marc Jacobs reads tweets while sketching the collection, via TwitPic

Let's talk about Twitter for a moment. With the ability to control your message, have a quantifiable fan base of followers and disseminate information quickly, it's no wonder than the fashion industry has fallen in love with tweeting. Old-school journalists do it, models do it, and even designers do it?but amongst all the noise, the truly informative and interesting ones have yet to emerge.

This morning, Refinery29 posted a list of the Top Ten Fashion Twitterers, but we're going to take a different focus and highlight the top Twitterers to follow for New York Fashion Week specifically. These folks are not constantly bragging about what party they're at, or who they're wearing that day, or even clogging up the twitterverse with paid twitter brand placement (ahem Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian).

The Top Twitterers for New York Fashion Week, listed after the jump, are contributing great content from behind the scenes, in the scene, and in the front rows. They're goldmines of information, they're enthusiastic and, occasionally, they're even funny.

The Models

· @Oh_So_Coco:
This is Coco Rocha, one of today's top models and darling of the runways. We can't believe she doesn't have over 10,000 followers because her tweets are full of quick pictures, behind-the-scenes gossip and tips, and major support for her contemporaries. Plus, she totally ran into Miss Jay last night at The Standard Hotel.
· @MissDK:
Doutzen Kroes, like Coco Rocha, is totally over the "still figuring out this twitter thing" stage of tweets, and she's moved on to snapping tweetphotos of her photoshoots and other events, giving her followers a peek at life through the eyes of a model. She doesn't tweet constantly, and we like that when she does, it's worth our time to read it.

The Designers

This colorful Brit designer is a bit like the Kanye West of the Twittersphere. He adores typing in all caps, is very excitable, and is unintentionally funny at times. Also, he tweets the way he talks and is very candid, so if you follow him for long enough, he starts feeling like a friend. This also goes for @henryholland, who you should follow because he does things like TwitPic himself wearing Louboutin sneakers, but he won't be at NYFW.
· @xoBetseyJohnson:
We can't say that it's actually Betsey doing the tweeting, but who cares with all of the excitement they've got over the impending show, and the great TwitPics they post, like this cute hug between Betsey and Robert Verdi.
**Also worth a follow: @NicoleMillerNYC, @cmbenz

The Behind-The-Scenes

· @dkny:
The DKNY PR girls needs coffee, has aching feet, and can't tweet fast enough to share her stories with her followers. She is one of those on-the-go fashion people who take no prisoners and follow through, but need to vent; that's what Twitter is for. You'll be quickly swept into her world as she tweets about the city and the creation of the DKNY collection for Fashion Week.
· @robertcduffy:
Marc Jacob's business partner for decades, Robert Duffy vows to tweet constantly until Tuesday night, after the MJ shows. Until then, he's delivering a tsunami of valuable tweets, including pictures of Marc working on the collection and memories of their early days, when both of them were working multiple jobs and bankrupting themselves to keep their dream going. He's sure to tweet from the shows, and he'll have the best seat in the house.

The Bloggers
· @refinery29:
Who was at the Hermes Men's store party and tweeting up a storm from it? Refinery29. Who has a great balance of photos, content and a little bragging? Refinery29. You won't be disappointed.
· @bryanboy:
Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy is in all the fashion nooks and crannies you want to be in, and yet he's still pretty humble about it all. He'll admit that he is constantly in awe of the attention and he prefers to highlight the inspirational people he encounters rather than just posting pictures of himself in different outfits (although he does indulge in a glamor shot now and then).

The Traditional Media

· @mrjoezee:
We'd argue that Joe Zee's tweeting from the front rows all last season?as he skipped from NYC to Paris to LA and Milan?made it okay for other fashion media to join twitter and experiment as well. Zee is Creative Director for American ELLE, and when he's not posting photos and commentary from the front lines of fashion, he's jet-setting around the world and sharing observations with his followers.
· @CathyHorynNYT:
Cathy is the fashion critic for the New York Times, and someone we'd never expect to encounter on Twitter. But good for her?she seems to be doing just fine with it, and vows to tweet from the front rows. And if you recall that this is the woman famous for her honest, take-no-prisoners criticism, then you are in for a treat.
**Also totally worth a follow: @WomenswearDaily

And don't forget about us! Not only did we launch Racked National this week, but we'll be constantly updating @RackedNY and @Racked from backstage, in the shows and in the tents. For a more personal take on Fashion Week, you can follow a few of our writers, like @izzygrinspan and @JetSetCD. We promise we'll be good...this week.

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