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Introducing Fair Folks, a Concept Shop in an Upper East Side Studio

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New concept shop Fair Folks & a Goat sells modern furniture and vintage clothing out of a lovely residential building on E. 88th Street in the shadow of the Guggenheim. The store occupies a studio apartment where owner Anthony Mazzei used to live, and it's set up to resemble someone's home.

In the main room, furniture from contemporary designers (including Vitra, Future Perfect, and some young Brooklyn up-and-comers) encourages lounging. Should you want to browse the clothing selection, supplied by Archive Vintage, simply rifle through the closet. The idea is to create a warmer, more personal shopping experience, but it also happens to indulge New Yorkers' most voyeuristic tendencies. If you've ever wanted to prowl through the possessions of a well-heeled Upper East Sider, this is the place for you.

The boutique is only open by appointment (email to set up a viewing), but Mazzei and partner Aurora Stokowski have taken pains to make everything accessible without sacrificing quality. That means furniture prices range from $120 for a Blue Dot chair to $9920 for a couch; clothing could be anything from $60 for no-name vintage or house-brand leggings to $360 for a vintage Moschino purse in near-mint condition. We were especially won over by $28 vintage belts; where else can you find something wearable for $28 on the Upper East Side?

Mazzei and Stokowski want to use to space to host everything from art openings to trunk shows to bridal showers. Also in the works: A full house operating under the same concept. They just bought a bed-and-breakfast in New Orleans, and they plan to create a membership program where people can stay overnight and shop while they're there.
· Fair Folks & a Goat [Official Site]

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