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Robert Verdi Follows Rachel Zoe as Second Stylist To Get Own Show

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Do you get the Logo Channel on TV? Yea, we don't either, but that's what the internet is for! Or, if you're in New York City, then you can just keep your eyes open for the hijinks of stylist Robert Verdi, who is preparing to premier his own show on the MTV-owned network.

So how soon will RuPaul's face on the side of MTA buses be replaced with Verdi's? We're guessing pretty soon, since we already received a promo sticker sheet, which we used to make quick work of Lady Gaga and Snooki's Grammy outfits (see that, after the jump).

Celeb images via US Mag/Getty

Okay so we watched the first episode preview below, and ummm...yeah. We don't know whether to laugh or shake our heads?his first goal, utilizing a staff of assistants that remind us of Rachel Zoe's Taylor and Brad mixed with the TMZ reporters, is to become a children's television star. Who would he pick for sidekicks? of course this important matter is discussed in depth: "My best friends are a peacock, a jewelry box, the latest handbag, and Patricia Field," Verdi clarifies.

This is a critical time in fashion television, as we all know from the sad sputterings of a dying Project Runway. But let us remind you that tonight on Bravo is the premiere of Kell On Earth, following fashion PR god Kelly Cutrone. With Kelly setting out to become the all-business, slap-your-knuckles-with-a-ruler school marm of fashion TV, Verdi makes a perfect foil with his rainbow outfits and playful demands. At times, he's straight up Kimora Lee Simmons-y.

As for the premiere...we checked the Logo schedule and it looks like 10pm on February 10 is it.

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