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Kingdom to Make Drunk Shopping Easier in Williamsburg

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Formerly Oulu, currently Night Owl, the bar space at 170 N.4th Street will morph into its newest iteration around April 1st when Bob Bland, founder and designer of local streetwear brand Brooklyn Royalty, turns it into Kingdom. The shop will showcase Bland's own collection of denim and hand-screened sportswear while remaining a full service bar.

Though running a bar seems like a pretty daunting task for someone who distresses denim and designs tee shirts, Bland will have help from Geoff Weber, the current proprietor of the location. Together they will keep the multi-leveled, unique and already cozily-appointed space booked with various events and exhibits.

Bland says via email that she "was really inspired by all the inventive bar/boutiques that [she] visited during trips overseas to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mainland China. It's really a great concept for Williamsburg. What's more fun that drinking while you shop?"

We couldn't agree more—let's hope for Bloody Mary specials for buzzy shopping Sundays.
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170 North 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY