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The Diane von Furstenberg Sale Has Lowered Prices

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The freezing 10- or 15-minute wait in line to get into the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale this afternoon almost turned us into popsicles, but thank goodness we had hopes of dropped prices to keep us warm. Inside, nearly everything is at least $20 cheaper, and coats and leather have both dropped $100 (see the full revised price list in the gallery above.)

There was a lot of merchandise left, but it seemed mostly picked through—we kept finding repeats of the same five pieces. All lower-priced items like swimsuits, cover-ups, coin-purses, and other small accessories—save for one triangle swimsuit top left on its lonesome—had disappeared to some DVF hoarder's home.

DVF's printed dresses and black high-waist pants were scattered about to pick up. We found an abundance of dresses, coats, and blouses, priced $250, $100, and $60, respectively, but the small aisles and shoving customers made us want to hide in a small corner of the cramped fitting room.

There was still madness in the store, but we don't blame the crowd—it's Diane Von Furstenberg, discounted a bit lower than yesterday. If you're planning on going, we suggest stopping at the store tonight before the lines get any longer tomorrow. Don't worry about finding your size; there was still a wide range from two through 14.—Jena Glick
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