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The Leifsdottir Sale is a Zen Shopping Experience

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Compared to yesterday's chaotic shoving contest at DVF, the calm and spacious Leifsdottir sale is a refreshing change of pace. The sale offers 60% to 75% off designs from Johanna Uurasjarvi, a Finland-based Anthropologie alum, and all of the modern and feminine pieces are neatly organized by style on racks and tables. This morning, fans of the label were slowly trickling in to peruse. We found that the best deals were amongst the leather, outerwear and more formal pieces.

There are a few 75% off racks located in the alcove to the back left of the sale. On the racks, we found chocolate brown leather blazers ($124.50 from $498), a couple wool-blend fitted navy and white polka dot ruffled cardies ($62 from $248), whimsical horse print cap sleeve blouses in fuschia and navy ($57 from $228), and shaggy candy-print sweaters (also $57 from $228).

The rest of the sale features seasonal finds that will take you from the office to the cocktail holiday party priced at 60% off. Highlights include a sexy little black lace frock ($159.20 from $398), the dress version of the horse print top ($178.80 from $298), black silky cuffed shorts with gold clasp detail ($71.20 from $178), a long ribbon-detailed and ruffle-embellished black coat ($239.20 from $598), wool knit cardies with porcelain-ish buttons with retro horse sketches ($99.20 from $248) and slinky ruffle-detail tees ($51.20 from $128).

Definitely check out a couple leather items, too, namely the gorgeous intricately-embellished bolero jacket ($239.20 from $598) and a navy scalloped and laser-cut ruffle skirt ($179.20 from $448).

There is a curtained off communal area for fitting. The plentiful, helpful and non-shoving staffers say there is a minimal amount of back stock, but mostly everything is out on the floor. Cash and credit are both accepted.
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