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Natori Has Real Samples at Real Sample Prices

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These days, many of the sales which bill themselves as "sample sales" don't actually include samples. They just sell a lot of excess stock. While the Natori sale does include some stock (mostly bras), a lot of the items you'll find at this sale are actual samples. And don't worry if you're not a size two. For things like robes and loungewear, the need to be miniscule doesn't apply. Natori's samples tend to be sized very generously.

When arriving at the sale, we suggest first heading over to the bras. There are many of them—ranging from sizes A to DDD—neatly hung over two walls, as well as one less pristinely displayed box of 34B sample bras. Although some of the bras are in odd shades, that's easy to overlook as all are priced at just $8. That's about a tenth of what most would cost in the stores. Panties are only $3, but there aren't many, and most of those are size small.

If you're looking for holiday gifts, you can do quite well—if you're willing to put in a little effort. Just head to the sample racks. Although these require some digging through, you'll find quite a few gems. Along with robes, most of which seem to run between $15-$25, there are also sample nightgowns, jackets, camisoles, throws, loungewear, and even a few rogue dresses and slacks. Prices run between $5 and $50, but most of what we saw fell into the $10 to $30 range.

Be forewarned, there are no fitting rooms at the sale. There is, however, a mirror in the corner of the room, where you can try things on—so you may want to wear a tank top underneath your clothing. Also, the staff is very nice, but when you check out, you aren't allowed to use credit cards for sales of less than $100 dollars, so bring cash. But these are small inconveniences for lingerie at prices this low.
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