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L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers Might Be the Perfect Sale

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The perfect sale has good prices, a varied selection of cool merchandise, and staff members who treats shoppers with appreciation—despite the fact that they're bargain hunting. The current L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers sale fits that bill. We'll get to the great selection and prices shortly, but first we have to say that we loved the fact that anyone who spent more than $100 dollars this morning could take their receipt outside to a Van Leeuwen ice cream truck and get a free cup of coffee or pastry.

Unlike at some previous sample sales of Gwen Stefani's designs, this time there are more L.A.M.B. bags on display than Harajuku Lovers pieces. At the front of the store are tables of Fall/Winter 2010 bags like the Vane Satchel in black, crimson or midnight blue. These normally sell for $348 but here they're just $125. While the satchels looked okay on the sale's tables, they really popped when we saw them hanging on people's shoulders.

The majority of the medium and larger purses at the sale are also selling for $125, but there are some fabulous coated-canvas messenger bags in union and tartan prints for just $75—the same price as some of the sale's smaller bags. Look for Stefani's bright pink and yellow purses from the summer collection, also selling at $125 and $75 (or about a third cheaper than they currently are, a few blocks away, at Loehmann's.)

The most expensive purses at the sale are archival L.A.M.B. pieces which are selling for as much as $175. Hardcore L.A.M.B. collectors all made a beeline to them as soon as the doors opened. And they might want to return tomorrow, as the sale will be receiving more vintage bags from previous collections. While there were very few L.A.M.B. wallets displayed today (priced at $35 and $50), we heard that they'll also be receiving a very large shipment of them tomorrow.

The Harajuku Lovers bags, for the most part, ranged in price from $10 to $35, with laptop computer cases selling for $20. We met quite a few women buying loads of Harajuku bags to give as holiday presents to all the young girls in their lives. Most shoppers at the sale, however, seemed much more interested in buying gifts for themselves.
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