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DVF Fans Endure Cold and Line-Cutters on 29th Street

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Twice a year, 260 Fifth Avenue hosts a massive Diane von Furstenberg sale. The unstoppable Fawnia Soo Hoo is embedded in the line waiting for the sale doors to open at 9am. Follow her updates below, and for a preview from yesterday's friends and family day, head over here.

8:10am: Good morning, again! This time from the freezing cold DVF public sale line. There are about 16 of us here and the line is split into two sections: About ten people are waiting in front of the store, and the tail end of the line is on the opposite edge of the sidewalk, next to traffic.

8:13am: I've already witnessed an unintentional line-cutting which was immediately shut down by another line-goer. "The end of the line is over HERE."

8:17am: The line is quickly growing—about ten more ladies have joined since I arrived. Most are dressed appropriately for the weather (it is cold, after all), but I still don't understand those people who go sans hat and/or gloves when they know they'll be outside for over half an hour. Today calls for function over fashion, people!

8:20am: OMG! I see one girl wearing flats and no socks! There's exposed skin! We still have 40 minutes out here, at least. Which leads me to my completely unsolicited plug of the morning: Uniqlo heat-tech socks really work! I mean, yesterday's Brian Atwood line was pushing it, but my feet were warm and toasty at the Lanvin x H&M line when I wore them last. Today, I've reinforced them with another pair of socks and my feet are cozy and comfy. The rest of me is another story.

8:25am: There is a wave of disbelief making its way through the line right now. A lady in a foot brace and on crutches just walked up to the door with a friend, knocked, and had a short discussion with a staffer. It looked like she was asking for early admittance due to her injured state. They didn't let her in, but they did put her at the front of the line. Is a broken foot the new pregnant?

8:29am: My faith in humanity may be restored. The nice lady in front of me is headed to Starbucks and asked line-waiters around her if they'd like a cup.

8:32am: We're discussing the woman with the crutches and wondering how she's going to navigate the aisles. I may have heard some muttered threats about knocking her over.

8:40am: Another lady in a foot brace is walking up!

8:41am: Oh wait, false alarm. She was just walking to the bus stop. Thought it might have been a trend.

8:50am: Holy cow. The staffers just let in like five of their friends (saving the flats-wearing girl from hypothermia.) Everyone is pissed.

8:54am: The line is around the corner now and it looks like the staffers are doing their final load out of trash bags. I guess on the bright side, the early admittance of friends is a harbinger of an on-time opening.

8:58am: Oh wow. The girls who were formerly at the front of the line just expanded two zebra-print rolling bags, I guess in preparation for their eBay haul. They must not realize they'll have to check those at the door.

9:01am: Ooh! The line is moving! The coat check is definitely going to slow this process down.

9:02am: There is an ad hoc third line crowded at the door, and dissent is rising in the legit line. There may be a smack-down coming soon. Meanwhile, early shoppers are strutting out with their purchases.

9:04am: Damn, the third line people were let in. They must know someone. Nobody said anything to them, which was kind of disappointing.

9:05am: Ugh, even more line-cutters. So uncool.

9:08am: A male European tourist, map in hand, is just standing here gaping at us. Ugh, and a group of line-cutter girls just walked out with their purchases, looked at the end of the line, and said, "Shut the fuck up!" No, you shut up, cheaters.

9:14am: Whew. I'm in. Report coming soon.

DVF Sample Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York NY