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Inside the DVF Sale: Lots of Stock, Lots of Shoving

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Here's the good news about the Diane von Furstenberg sale, which opened to the public this morning at 260 Fifth Avenue: They're not going to run out of stock any time soon. Here's the bad news: If you go, you will almost definitely get pushed around.

As of this morning, there were still four racks of samples that were pretty full—definitely worth a look for $50. They mostly contain separates, although we did see a couple cocktail dresses. Some are damaged but the bulk appear to be in good condition.

The racks are packed with more stock. Wool and leather jackets are plentiful, as are $150 leather vests and tees. Leather moto jackets ($250) in particular seem to be a hot item. Expect to find the usual plethora of pattered silky dresses and separates, including lots of wrap dresses in varying prints—leopard, feather, a metallic abstract design—as well as ruffly cocktail frocks and day dresses. (We liked a wool felt one that looked a bit like a Roland Mouret.) And expect to find lots of bags left, as well as belts and accessories.

But while there's no shortage of merchandise, shoppers at this sale are completely insane. Hoarding and crazed rummaging is rampant, and the narrow aisles aren't helping. There is a ten-item max but girls seem to be walking around with more, and of course there's a line for the fitting room. It's not just the shoppers who are pushy, either—we got shoved by a staffer. As of lunchtime, the line outside stretched around the block. We're told there's more stock in back, so if nothing else, whatever gets grabbed today ought to be replenished tomorrow.
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