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Free Makeup from the Carmindy Cab; Rebecca Minkoff Wants a Store

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NEW YORK CITY—Makeup artist Carmindy, who you might know from her role on What Not to Wear, will be driving around the city this week offering makeup tutorials in her Sally Hansen–sponsored "Carmindy Cab." Find her on the street, and you could get a free ride along with beauty advice and free product. It's like Cash Cab with lipstick instead of trivia! Hours: Thursday, December 9th between 2:30pm and 5:30pm, Friday the 10th and Monday the 11th between 9am and 1pm, and Wednesday the 15th between 11am and 3pm. [Racked Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE—Last night, Fashionista brought together the brains behind a number of up-and-coming labels and stores to talk about how they turned their love of fashion into a career. Highlights included Rebecca Minkoff's confession that she "once stood in Union Square handing out postcards and telling strangers to 'check out this designer Rebecca Minkoff, she's really hot.'" Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos admitted that he's just not that into fashion, and Timo Weiland said that an internship at Goldman Sachs taught him how to run a business. But it was Minkoff who might have let slip the most intriguing factoid: According to Elle's recap, she's looking into opening her first store in NYC. [Fashionista; Elle]