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The Brian Atwood Sale Returns After Friends & Family Mayhem

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There's an element of real suspense to this morning's Brian Atwood liveblog. Yesterday's friends and family sale resulted in such a feeding frenzy that we're literally unsure that there will be anything left to buy. Join Fawnia Soo Hoo below as she reports on the state of the sale, which opens to the public at 9am in West Chelsea.

8:27am: Good morning! Looks like the Brian Atwood sale is still on! There are about 15-20 girls gathered out here waiting in the snow. I looked inside the windows and there are still shoes in there. It's a holiday miracle!

8:32am: A guy just walked up to the front of the line, snapped a couple of pics, and then took off. Guess lines in this area tend to be isolated to 1Oak across the street.

8:35am: The line is quickly growing. Everyone's female, of course, and everyone's wearing puffy jackets.

8:47am: The picture guy has returned with a friend who just told us, "Sorry, we'll be right back." Maybe they're staffers who feel bad that we're waiting in the snow.

8:47am: The girls in front of me are speculating as to what's left inside post friends and family sale. One was crushed upon hearing that there was an F&F.

8:50am: The girls behind me are discussing the holy trinity of shoe sample sales: Manolo, Louboutin, and Choo. People are still smarting over Blake Lively's 40-shoe purchase.

8:52am: Doors opening early! Damn, they only let in the first 20 or so.

8:54am: I can see some frenzied grabbing. The over-the-knee boots in the window may be dunzo.

8:57am: They let five more in. I see the price chart and it's the same from yesterday.

8:58am: From my vantage point in line, I can see some stacks of the non-sample shoes. I wonder how many are left—or did they restock? And can the lady behind me please stop singing?

9:03am: The wind just picked up. This is officially torturous. Thank goodness the singing stopped.

9:05am: One lady just exited empty-handed. That was quick.

9:07am: Another lady just stalked on sans purchases and exclaimed, "It's a waste!"

9:12am: No one else is leaving, though. I see girls sitting down to try on all their options. I, however, am losing all feeling in my feet. Argh! Let us in! It isn't crowded at all inside, especially not compared to Manolo or Choo standards.

9:13am: Here's the first woman to exit with actual purchases. And now they're letting a few more in. Getting close...either to getting in or to full-blown hypothermia.

9:14am: I think staffers are taking photos of each girl who purchases something. Too much chatting going on inside! Buy your shoes and exit—there's a line out here!

9:15am: It just came to me! The guy manning the door looks like Richard Grieco with a shaved head. And I'm in!

For the report from inside the sale, head over here.

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