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Brian Atwood, Round Two: What's Left Inside the Sale

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After a wild friends & family day and a long snow-bound wait, the Brian Atwood sale finally opened to the public, giving shoppers a crack at discounts of 30% to 60% off retail for the sort of sexy heels Christian Louboutin might have designed if he were once a male model. Is there anything left to buy? Fawnia Soo Hoo reports.

9:15am: It looks like some new samples have come out, although size 38 is still sparse and size 39 is most abundant.

9:16am: The samples are mostly $350 or $400, although I see some $150 patent kitten-heel peep-toes.

9:18am: As for non-samples, the styles are the same as yesterday, but the platforms are gone. The gold studded peep-toe boots are still here and still $1200—that's the sale price, and probably the reason they haven't moved since yesterday.

9:20am: Wait! I do see one pair of platforms left. They're brown suede with python heels and they cost $500.

9:21am: Size 40 samples have some platform styles left too, in beige and dusty rose colors.

9:27am: So all the shoes on the main floor start at $250 (for more summery styles) and run to $500, with the exception of the $1200 boots.

9:30am: One girl is trying the boots on. We might have a taker!

9:32am: The over-the-knee boots are $2940.

9:35am: A staffer just confirmed to me that they "got destroyed yesterday" and that everything is out on the floor. So to sum up: For samples, size 40 and 41 have the best options. Everything else is picked over or just plain done. Also, prices will be at least $200 for the styles you'd want.

9:37am: We're heading out. Crucial final detail for anyone who wants to chance it: There's no line outside.

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