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Patterns and Prints In Plenty of Sizes At Diane von Furstenberg

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There's a whirly sea of patterns at the DVF sale, as we found when we stopped by 260 Fifth Avenue for the friends and family preview this morning. When the sale opens to the public tomorrow, all you'll have to do to get your hands on them is tread carefully through the crowd.

The racks, which are divided by size (larger sizes near the registers, smaller against the left wall), are mostly filled with $125 dresses, $150 wrap dresses and $80 blouses, with a few $80 skirts and the occasional lone pair of $80 pants stuck in between. The outerwear is surprisingly plentiful, with $350 military-style wool coats in almost every single size, but, with $125 jackets and $80 chunky sweaters that could easily be worn as a coat in the fall, you'll likely get more for your money by spending less.

Between pencil skirts, motorcycle jackets and a shift dress that most women in the small open dressing room struggled to shimmy into, there's also a ton of leather. Only downside, though is that all of it is $250, not individually priced as by item, which we mistakenly thought.

They're not really giving anything away, pricewise, but with enough dresses to try on the embellished shift you adore in three different sizes, it's definitely got a leg up on typical store markdowns. The long rows of clothing are squeezed very close together, though, so if you don't mind bumping butts with the person next to you or breathlessly saying "excuse me", you can make it out the door with some pretty great finds.

If you're coming for the $50 samples, ugh, good luck. The section was literally a jungle from the start, and with the few racks nearly on top of each other, you'll practically need to dive in to even begin to dig through. It's overwhelming, packed in and directly next to the dressing room line, but with the regular racks being close together, too, it just depends how badly you want to brave the crowd.

The other free for all is in the back of the sale, where about 20 different dresses, sweaters and jackets are hanging on display above stacks of boxes of their plastic-wrapped counterparts. Some of the items were already completely wiped out at the beginning, but with boxes of storage overhead and the staffers willing to go check for additional sizes, you should be able to find what you want.

As for that backstock, there seems to be a lot. There are definitely some gems floating around — we saw at least three people with items that had to have been the only ones at the sale — but for the bulk of dresses, skirts and tops, sizing shouldn't be an issue at all.

And, if you need to cross a few names off of your list, $60 classic gloves, $70 wallets and $95 fur accessories placed right by the checkout make for and easy grab-and-go holiday gift for those extra friends on your list. You won't even have to sacrifice a dress-holding hand during the sale! Ah, 'tis the season of giving.