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The Brian Atwood Sale Might Already Be Cleaned Out

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Brian Atwood himself predicted that his own sale would be "chaos" and as witnesses to today's friends and family pre-sale, we're pretty sure that he was right. Although, the frenzy was more on the civilized chaotic side. It was kind of funny because the pre-sale organizers had considerately ordered pizzas and had soft drinks available for the most likely carb-averse guests, but despite the enticing smell of Artichoke Basille's Pizza Bar, no one gave a damn. It was all about the shoes, which ranged from $100 for samples to $500 for new pairs.

As we write this post on Sunday, we seriously question the possibility of the stock lasting until 3pm, much less Monday morning for the public sale (and the sales staffer we spoke to pretty much concurred) so we would highly suggest calling or texting the studio at 917-847-3384 on Monday morning for confirmation. Our calls this afternoon went unanswered and messages unreturned.

The sale was organized into two sections: Samples, which featured pairs worn for photo shoots and lent to celebs for special occasions (OMG! What if J. Lo wore these?) and new, unworn styles. The pricing is designated by color. The samples range from size 37 (including a few random pairs of 35s and 36s) to 41. Per usual, sizes 39 to 41 had the pick of the bunch. Most of these shoes were priced at $250.

The new pairs are organized by style and the sizes are all over the place. This area was being seriously raided at the start of the sale and most pairs we saw fell in the $400 range. We spotted the Vixen patent cut-out sandal for $400 (originally $725 and on sale at Bluefly for $549.99) and a pair of brown suede Donna pumps, also for $400. There were also more delicate kitten heel or dressy occasion jewel-encrusted or metallic sandal type styles, starting at $250.

It was also kind of frustrating because we kept walking around the store and seeing girls carrying really hot pairs of platforms that we never even saw on the floor and it was only like ten minutes into the sale! We overheard one girl exclaim, "I don't care, I'm finding something in my size!" and we felt her pain. This morning, if you're still holding out hope for some celeb worn samples, stay tuned as our optimistic selves will be heading over for a look anyway.

Update: The original version of this post contained a link to a fraudulent Brian Atwood site. We sincerely regret the error.
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