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The Ten Worst Windows of the Year

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With only a few days left in 2010, it's time to look back at a year of dizzying highs and crushing lows, a year when every empty storefront held a pop-up shop and every sidewalk a sample sale line. Folks, it's the annual (four years running!) Racked Recap. This week, we'll be reliving our biggest and brightest (and saddest and darkest) moments, from the billboards to bed bugs. Take a deep breath of the sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Image via New York Shitty

10. Bergdorf Goodman's Tribute to McQueen: You can't usually go wrong with a Bergdorf window, or with Mcqueen—we're just bummed this display means Mcqueen is no longer with us.

9. The Gap's Tribute to American Fashion: A really great idea—if plain and poorly executed. You can't exactly portray petticoats or flapper-dresses with boyfriend khakis and Malaysian-made dusters.

8. Matthew Williamson Hearts Gossip Girl: These windows were a spoiler for the six or seven people who still care about the CW serial; and straight-up useless for the rest of us.

7. Peter Nygård on Mother's Day: Yuck. So much blue, so much synthetic. Just, yuck.

6. Barneys Supports Operation Design: So, these Eames chairs are pretty cool—but a charity that exists almost for the sole purpose of making high schoolers'—who are generally pretty terrible—learning environments prettier? We hate to be dissident or poke fun, but we're pretty sure there are more pressing causes facing, um, everybody these days.

5. Bloomingdale's Holiday Windows: Maybe not as bad as last year, but really, really bad—way to make high-tech look cheap and sad.

4. Bloomingdale's Puts Kids in Jeggings: Need we say more?

3. Giuseppe Zanotti's Crass and Classless Shoe: Picture it, March, 2010, you were walking barefoot through the sludge from a six hour wait in the bread line. And you saw these sparkly dollar sign sandals. And you smashed the window and lit the place on fire.

2. Diesel's Stupid Campaign and Stupid Celebrities: Diesel's 'Be Stupid' ads were pretty dumb, and so is Russell Brand.

1. T&N Wine and Liquor's Inhumane Easter: Who's brilliant idea was it to install live baby chicks in the front window of a liquor store in Brooklyn? This was never okay.

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