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A New Record Store for Williamsburg: What Year is it?

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When we saw activity in a vacant storefront on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg's northside—neighboring hipster mainstays Desert Island and Hana Food—the last thing we expected is a new record store. Yes, everyone is wearing plaid and Dr. Marten's, but that doesn't make it 1997. Turns out, the space will be a record store—or something record store-related.

Called Fool's Gold Records, which we're assuming—considering its having been established in 2007 (per the sign)—means it's affiliated with the edgy Brooklyn record label of the same name. A little background: Fool's Gold brought us independent, quirky, clubby jams by the likes of Kid Sister, LA Riots, Chromeo, Flosstradamus and the Cool Kids.

So, will it be a true record store? Just a brick-and-mortar shopportunity for Fool's Gold acts and their merch? A venue? An office? We're not entirely sure—a peek through a mostly papered over door revealed something bar-like and lots of wood: Pretty swanky for everyday bins of dusty vinyl. We'll see what happens!
· Fool's Gold Records [Official Site]

Fool's Gold Records

538 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY