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Shorty the Pauzer at Palmer Trading Company

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This is Store Sidekicks, an end-of-the-week feature in which we profile the fuzzy wuzzy creatures that inhabit shops across the city. If you'd like to nominate your favorite store animal, drop us a line at

Among the vintage pieces that Palmer Trading Company carries, there's one ten-year-old item that stands out more prominently than others. He's black-and-cream–colored and furry all over, his name is Shorty, and he's a Pauzer—part poodle, part Schnauzer.

PTC owner David picked up Shorty after he was rescued from a pet hoarder's home in the Bronx. In his younger days, Shorty would pack socks in a suitcase for David to find when he returned home each day. Now, he's grown up a bit, but he's still fond of socks, especially the ones that PTC offers. We don't blame him for liking the quality wool footwear: They looked cozy and warm, perfect for the wintry days ahead.

While we visited the men's shoes and accessories shop, Shorty kept warm by lounging on a chair in the center of the store. He seemed relaxed and undisturbed by our presence, yet we could tell that, deep down, he was excited to have some attention.

According to David and store co-owner Willy, Shorty is a ladies man; he pretty much makes the business, and you can tell he knows it in the way he greets you. Willy tells us that he sits in the front window, luring customers into the store. "He keeps the girls occupied while the men shop," he explains. Shortly thereafter, we watched a woman walk in to see the dog, bringing two men with her. The guys ended up scanning the products while the woman petted Shorty, who was still sitting on his favorite chair. We could have sworn he winked at us.

Men and the women who shop for them will like Palmer's military style. We loved the bags, a pair of woolly boot socks from Cabot and Sons, and the dog leashes, which apparently Shorty loves as well. "He's a connoisseur of everything vintage. We don't put anything in here without his approval," David told us. He clearly has excellent taste.—Jena Glick
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