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Allsaints' MePa 'Pop-up' Totally Beats Their Soho Store

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So Allsaints has had many months to ingratiate itself among the "it" crowds and the shoppers of Soho, but as much as we loved the clothes, we didn't care for the store...until we walked into the newly opened Allsaints store on West 13th Street in the Meatpacking District. It is. so. much. better.

Of course there are pre-distressed leather jackets, tarnished metal jewelry and slouchy-tailored everything else galore, but the difference between the stores lies in the space. Where Soho's Allsaints is cramped with stock and starry-eyed tourists, MePa's Allsaints is open, airy and relaxed. Plus their iPads actually work, if you care to shop online while shopping in-store.

But that's not all. The greatest advantage MePa has over Soho is that both men's and women's are located on the same level. There's no sending your male best friend/coworker/boyfriend/husband/brother down to the depths to fend for himself amongst the racks while you shop upstairs; the single-level, well-lit MePa store (which also boasts more giant, non-functional prop machines) means optimum "omg, check this out" and "come over here and tell me if this looks good" sharing.

What we're really trying to say here is that Allsaints should quit it with calling the MePa location a Pop-Up Shop (that has no definite end date) and just call it a regular store already. It beats their Soho store's butt.
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