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Stores Have Gotten Too Dark, Complains Mother of Tween

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Image via blu43/webshots

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The Complaint Box column in The Times has covered its fair share of obscure topics before, but this week, they tackled retail. The problem: Stores for tweens are too dark. The writer discusses how more and more teenage-geared boutiques have dimmed their lights to almost complete darkness, thus obscuring prices, colors, and generally everything about their clothes except for the fact that they exist on the rack.

Sure, we've been on the other end of the mom shopping complaints, but between not being able to see if a pair of jeans fits your daughter and the inability to discern if a skirt is black or navy or even brown when you're the one paying for them, we can't help but feel her pain. And can't help from feeling like this is so definitely about Hollister. The sub-$40 price tag for a cotton skirt? The fear of tripping over secret stairs in the back of the store? The sales help asking "Hey, how's it goin'?" Yeah, we think we recognize this store.
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