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Baby, It's Cold Outside: Shoppers Shiver in Line Outside Botkier

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Botkier's last two sales have brought out major lines. Will there be similar shantytowns springing up on West Broadway this time around? Racked's special correspondent for sample sale mayhem, Fawnia Soo Hoo, went to Soho to find out. Follow her updates below.

10:17am: Hello! I just arrived and the line is pretty weak. There are only six people (all women) in front of me.

10:19: Two more just arrived. That makes five black puffy coats. The other three are all wool.

10:24am: The girls behind me are comparing notes about this week's sales: Rag & Bone and Tracy Reese. One bought a coat—they agree that outerwear had the best deals.

10:27am: As today is the first official frigid-weather lineblog of the season, I have to commend the girl in front of me for her chic and temperature-appropriate ensemble. She's wearing a black belted puffy coat with a fur-lined hood, a jewel-embellished cap, and heather gray cable-knit leg warmers. Her friend just rolled up and complemented her on her outfit.

10:32am: The friend just busted out into some sort of cardio-kickboxing routine that reminded me of Mitchell's flash mob dance scene on Modern Family. Maybe it's helping her keep warm?

10:35am: A girl just walked up to the front of the line and knocked on the lock door, thus incurring a bunch of stink-eyes from us girls up front. Maybe she's a staffer. Now her friend is making a phone call. OK, I think they must work here.

10:37am: I'm eavesdropping and a girl in line does casting for reality shows on Food Network and HDTV. Aspiring reality stars, head over to West Broadway.

10:42am: The line has grown to about 20 now and the first man has arrived.

10:45am: The staffers have arrived and they all ducked into the shop. I just noticed that there's brown paper covering the big window so no one can get a sneak peak inside.

10:46am: I think the line may have reached its terminal length—no new people have joined. Are people all Botkiered out, or are there just too many sales this week?

10:50am: And the first baby just arrived.

10:51am: Oh no, the baby is apparently too close to (or possibly in?) some construction zone. A guy with a shovel just yelled at the mom. She moved.

10:53am: The inevitable group of tourists just walked up and asked what the line is all about.

10:56am: So, according to a fellow line-goer, at the past couple sales if you paid in cash there was no tax. Wonder if that's still the case.

10:59am: The line grew a bit more. There are maybe like 28 women, one man, and one baby here. Only one minute left, and it can't come soon enough because it's cold out here. I'm thinking we'll all get in.

11:03am: A staffer just came out to relay the no-hoarding policy. Everyone gets three bags max even though "sometimes people like to walk around with ten."

11:05am: The brown paper is down and the doors are opening! Hallelujah!

Wow: The short line did NOT prepare us for the chaos inside. Full report right here.

Botkier Sale

421 West Broadway, New York NY