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Botkier Sale Causes Defiant Hoarding and Brief Memory Loss

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After a mildly terrifying moment caught in the center of the grabby mob scene at the Botkier sale samples table, we pretty much received the answer to our earlier question of whether or not people were Botkiered out or not. Having survived, we'll go with not.

One lady was so caught up in handbag delirium that she actually absentmindedly abandoned her own non-Botkier handbag on a table. Luckily everyone was too busy shopping to notice and it was rescued by a good-natured staffer, who then delivered an impromptu PSA to not—duh—leave your own handbag lying around.

As with the usual Botkier procedures, the bags are all laid out on tables and the pricing photo charts are posted throughout the sale. Things never change, as it's still oddly difficult to match the photo with the actual bag, so be patient while patrons are quizzically squinting in front of the posters.

The samples are located at the back left of the sale. If there are any left, they range in price from around $120 to $200. For that price, you might as well buy a pristine new Bijoux crossbody bag for $125 (originally $295 and on sale online for $236) or a Connor crossbody bag for $175 (originally $350 and on sale online for $280) and there's more elbow room.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find in the regular stock: The Joelle purple or python-and-black studded satchel ($250 from $575 and on sale online for $460), the Joelle studded clutch in purple, black and black and python ($200 from $445 and on sale online for $356), the Ava chain-link strap hobo ($295 from $595), the Ava crossbody bag ($200 from $445), the Sophia large satchel ($275 from $595 and on sale online for $476) and the Balenciaga-ish Bijoux satchel ($225 from $525 and on sale online for $420).

The wallets and small leather goods range from $25 to $75 and are located near the checkout. There's a designated shoe section at the back with seats and as usual, it was largely ignored. The shoes run from $100 for flats and one sandal style to $175 for peep-toe booties to $275 for high heeled tall boots.

The staffers are helpful as always and in possession of healthy sense of humor, which is useful when you have to constantly remind grown women to adhere to the three bags max rule ("Come on ladies, you don't need ten bags.") Actually, the signs on the wall say four max, but whatever—ladies weren't paying attention anyway. Also, overzealous shoppers kept grabbing at the wall displays, so every two minutes we'd hear, "That's a display, ma'am. The bags for sale are out on the floor." Cash and credit are accepted and if you pay with cash, there is no tax charged. They will replenish on Saturday and Sunday, so rest easy. Just remember, it's still New York City, so keep an eye on your own bag at all times.
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