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Introducing Billy's Antiques' Snowpocalypse Ode to 'American Gothic'

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Image courtesy Billy's Antiques
Image courtesy Billy's Antiques

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While the big department stores are busy salting their sidewalks and bringing in the big pedestrian plowers to continue business as usual, local institution Billy's Antiques is busy having fun. Judging from the image above, it looks like Billy's favorite winter activity is not snow angels, but snow masterpieces. They've posed for their own Snowpocalypse version of Grant Wood's famous painting "American Gothic" and we're more than a bit inspired.

If Billy's?ever the whipping boy of the MTA and Bowery developers?can survive Blizzamageddon or whatever word we're calling it now, then surely there's hope for Brooklyn boutiques stuck on as-yet-unplowed streets.
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Billy's Antiques and Props

76 East Houston Street, New York, NY