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Get the Look: Chanel's Yeti Suit Inspires a Topshop Coat

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Lately, the Topshop website has been greeting online visitors with a landing page starring two models in faux fur. One is wearing a fuzzy white jacket over a mohair sweater and scowling, but the other is working it like a pro—possibly thanks to her coat, a giant, shaggy, gray-and-brown number that resembles the top half of one of Chanel's infamous f/w 2011 fur suits.

Assuming we weren't the only people to do a double-take when we saw the coat, we began to investigate. And here the plot thickens. It's not listed on the site under "outerwear" or "tops." It does show up in the section for the Snow Queen collection, but it's not listed as one of the key pieces. And while you can find the same girl modeling it in the Snow Queen lookbook, the description of what she's wearing doesn't remotely correspond to her outfit.

When we called customer service, a lovely British woman informed us after much poking around online that the coat didn't seem to be available. Perhaps there was some oversight, she said, then ventured carefully, "It is quite a funky coat." Luckily, Topshop PR was able to solve the mystery. It's been produced, but it's not for sale just yet. Conclusion: Anyone who's been dreaming of swanning around town like a high-fashion abominable snowman will have to wait a couple weeks—that or buy some shag carpeting and assemble their own coat by hand.
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