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Help Raise Money to Support Gay Teens with Yoko Devereaux's Tees

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If Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project were series of edgy t-shirts instead of YouTube videos, it might look something like "The Gentle of Men," a new collaboration between photographer John Arsenault and Yoko Devereaux designer Andy Sälzer. Growing up gay is a major theme in Arsenault's work, and now he and longtime friend Sälzer have turned four of his photographs into t-shirts with heart-rending slogans like "We Are All Your Kids" and "Your Ignorance Could Smother the World."

The tees, which cost $35, will officially launch January 6th to coincide with the debut of Arsenault's latest show, "A Ghost Is Occupying My Heart," at Chelsea's ClampArt gallery. All proceeds will benefit the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to ending suicide among gay and lesbian kids—an issue which, tragically, has gained a lot of attention in the past year. The designers hope they'll have a social impact as well as a financial one: "If I can make the transition from gay youth to gay adult any easier for someone else, then I’ve succeeded," says Arsenault.
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