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William Rast for Target: Buttery Leather for Bikeless Biker Chicks

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Target's collaboration with Justin Timberlake's label William Rast hasn't made much of a splash in New York. This is partly because the megastore celebrated the launch out in LA, and partly because the aesthetic—"Biker Bohemia, Rebelliously Priced," as Target's slogan has it—makes a lot more sense in the sun-dappled west than it does in our frigid city, where nobody's tooling around on a Ducati in the middle of December. Still, according to our friends at Sugar Rock Catwalk, there is one very good reason to get excited about the collab, and that reason is soft leather jackets for just $200.

With Target collabs, it's all about the texture of the materials, and Sugar Rock's review can be divided entirely into "Feels Good" and "Feels Bad" categories. The leather jackets are the star of the first group—Sugar Rock Catwalk reports that they're so soft they feel like lamb, although they also note that they're cut really small in the bust. (This can be a problem with affordable leather jackets; Uniqlo, we're looking in your direction.) Other well-made items include the thick, jeans-esque leggings and the rumpled plaid shirts. Less well-made are the snap-front blouse and tank, which would have been nicer in silk.
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