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Famous Editors' Apartments; The Barneys Job Search Continues

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EVERYWHERE—Inspired by Carine Roitfeld's abdication of the Vogue Paris throne, our interiors-obsessed sibling Curbed National takes a look at the homes of editors who've left—or lost—positions of power. Roitfeld's own Paris apartment is minimalist to a fault, but if she's looking for a post-editorial project, she might want to redecorate a la Diana Vreeland, who was fired by Conde Nast in 1971 and lived in what can only be described as a color explosion. [Curbed National]

UPPER EAST SIDE—This morning, WWD reported on rumors that Barneys is considering hiring Marie Claire style and accessories director Taylor Tomasi Hill as fashion director after both Vogue’s Virginia Smith and Sarah Rutson from Lane Crawford turned down the position. But a Barneys spokesperson reiterates that the company has not offered the job to anyone since the search began this month. [WWD; Previously]