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Spend $50, Get a Pole Dance at this LES Greeting Card Shop

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Hallmark? Not so much. Today's New York Daily News explores the in-store gimmick at Lower East Side stationery shop JillAnne, where the owner will strip down to her hot pants and perform a pole dance for anyone who spends over $50 on greeting cards. The dance doesn't come automatically, explains the single-monikered JillAnne; customers have to request it. But it does draw in crowds: "They see the cards, then they see me pole-dancing," she tells the NYDN. "So they pop their heads in and say, 'What is this?'"

JillAnne maintains that her performances aren't raunchy. Her style is "lyrical" rather than "booty popping," she explains in a video clip. And if she happens to inspire customers, so much the better—her store sells $350 stripper poles as well as Bar Mitzvah cards.

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162 Allen Street, New York NY