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The Scrunchie Appears to Be Making a Comeback. Thoughts?

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Image via <a href="">Cool Hunting</a>
Image via Cool Hunting

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In early 2009, Refinery29 reported that American Apparel was selling scrunchies. In August 2010, the New York Times announced that Elaine Benes was a new fashion icon for well-dressed young ladies of the downtown persuasion. And now, Cool Hunting's Gap pop-up shop is selling puffy limited-edition hair-ties made with fabric from 108-year-old NYC textile company Maharam. It looks like the scrunchie is officially back.

The Cool Hunting scrunchies are relatively affordable ($6 a pop) and come with a great back story. Not only is there a historical tie-in with Maharam, but editor Karen Day's mother made each one herself. And while Carrie Bradshaw once famously insisted that New York women don't wear scrunchies, a lot has changed since Sex and the City was still on the air. Is it time to allow the 90s staple back into our lives?

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Gap's Pop-Up Store

680 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY