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Rag & Bone Diehards, Their Chelsea Market Sale is for You

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Have you perfected your "I hang out in the Ace Hotel lobby all the time" look yet? If not, you may want to hightail it down to Chelsea Market for the ginormous Rag & Bone sample sale, beginning today at 10:30am and running through Sunday. We stopped in during the sale preview yesterday to discover exactly how much it would cost make us look like an off-duty model, and this is what we found.

This is perhaps the largest of the Rag & Bone sample sales yet, with plenty of everything (including large shoe, hat, belt and winter accessory assortments) for both men and women. That said, last night we noticed that the dudes were nose-deep in the tables of sweaters while the ladies flocked to footwear. Now back to our model uniform: with a sale tee at $40, a chunky sweater over for $195, leather leggings at $195, yet another $195 for some woolen booties with serious tread, and a big slouchy bag for $170, outfits still don't come that cheaply (that's $795 for one look).

On the other hand, those who already own and love Rag & Bone items will make the pilgrimage to half-way through Chelsea Market to browse the racks, and at these prices, at least the browsing never turns frantic.

Down to business, the best deal for guys are men's accessories for $65, because that means the supple leather driving gloves or worthy selection of hats are easy buys. For women, we'd jump on any of the $175 dresses, especially the plaid silk shirtdresses that scream "wear me with shearling anything!" Rag & Bone denim for both men and women at $95 also isn't too bad, but it's hardly an "oh crap, gotta rush for it"-level deal.
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