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Tim Gunn and Conan O'Brien Talk Jeggings for Men

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Wise fashion uncle Tim Gunn was on Conan O'Brien last night, and Conan took advantage of the opportunity to ask him all about jeggings. When Tim says the denim leg-casings aren't just for ladies, Conan sounds shocked: "Men don't wear jeggings!"

So Tim, in his gentle way, schools him on the trend: "You know whether a guy's leg is more like a leotard or a ham hock by virtue of that leotard that's denim and has stretch." Well said, Mr. Gunn! That was pure jeggings poetry.

The conversation starts at 3:50 in the video below. Watch for Conan wondering what would happen if he wore jeggings for an entire show one night. We only hope Uniqlo, maker of the majegging, is paying attention—this would be the perfect opportunity for some cross-branding.

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