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The Shiny Squirrel's Market Has Monocles, Tiny Working Periscopes

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Young designer showcase The Shiny Squirrel opens a pop-up inside International Playground today featuring a ton of names and a seriously large amount of jewelry. We got a sneak peek yesterday, and after examining all that was on the table (and the walls, and the mannequins), we found prices to match every budget, impressive craftsmanship, and designs that will make you want to find extra room in your jewelry box.

Let's begin with the accessories. Digby & Iona, a Brooklyn-based designer, brings a nautical feel to the pop-up with their usable periscope on a necklace and captain's log-type of book hulled out to make a display. No two pieces are the same, and prices range from $100 to $250.

In the center of the store is a treasure trove of more beautifully crafted jewelry inside a black case. A monocle necklace by Species by the Thousands ($30), Thief and Bandit fabric jewelry ($15—$40), and black resin pieces by Gabriel J. Shuldiner ($60—$150) easily captured our attention. To the back of the store is a set of mannequins decked out in Dirty Librarian Chains by DLC Brooklyn for $25—$370—a range that includes sale pieces marked down from $500. Paired together and layered, they look more stylish than dirty librarian-like, but we still like the name.

Before approaching pop-up apparel, we found necklaces and rings from Triskadekaphobia, the jewelry creations of the Six Six Sick bloggers/DJs/jewelry designers. Standouts included the elephant's head rings ($100) and golden necklaces with rows of teeth ($114—$120). Not all of the jewelry was on display yesterday, but what we saw will be joined by metal pieces by Allforthemoutain, We Are Here, and Chrishabana, plus Brevity's necklaces reminiscent of honeycombs, A.S.I.S.'s crocheted jewelry, Elizabeth Knight Jewelry's seahorse necklaces, and more.

On the clothing front are shirts from four noteworthy designers. Mociun t-shirts ($10—$80) are soft and printed with elaborate patterns. The black-and-white shirts ($45) by Christian Beaujean, an LA designer, were printed with slogans like "We get down, and down, and down, and down." Shabd's tie-dyed hoodies, t-shirts, and scarves were clearly the work of a woman who knows her way around a vat of dye. And if you're looking for a shirt that will turn heads, you should check out the Blood Is The New Black tees ($25—$45), which includes a print of a woman scantily clad in a cop's uniform.

The only pieces that weren't jewelry or clothing were bags from Miss Lonelyhearts bags in radiant colors. The pop-up shop lasts until this Sunday, December 19th, and with the huge range of offerings, we can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy it while it lasts. If not, you have the International Playground merchandise to browse as well.—Jena Glick
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