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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Alexander Wang Price Cuts Have Arrived

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This was the entire line outside the sale around 4pm
This was the entire line outside the sale around 4pm

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After about a two-minute wait to get into the Alexander Wang sample sale this afternoon, we realized there was pretty much no hope for finding any bags. The footwear section was pretty meager, with a small number of shoes including a lonely pair of tall zippered boots (possibly the last of their kind) sitting on an almost empty rack. The clothes, on the other hand, were fully stocked. Dresses, pants, and tops still hung on all the racks, while T by Alexander Wang apparel overflowed from the boxes.

The most exciting thing about the sale, though, was the fact that the staff was revising the price list before our very eyes. We couldn't get a photograph to show you the pretty new numbers and colorful dots, but we were able to recreate it for you.

Jackets: $175 $120
Coats: $300 $175
Vests: $150 $90
Tops: $125 $80
Knitwear: $150 $90
Shorts: $160 $100
Skirts: $160 $100
Special Items: $450 $300
Handbags: $350 $250
Footwear: $220 $175
Accessories: $125 $80
T by Alexander Wang: $45 $30

With the sale ending on Sunday, that means there are officially two more days in which the price list could change again. That thought will hopefully keep shoppers warm with anticipation as they wait in the two-minute line.—Jena Glick
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