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Shop for Posters in a 19th Century Fire Station in Chelsea

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Photo via Refinery29

The Matthew Marks Gallery recently announced the opening of The Poster Shop, taking over the second floor of their Chelsea gallery. Take a peek inside and what you will find is an assemblage of unusual finds: original works of art, vintage rock posters from the Woodstock era, hard-to-find books, and a large selection of exceptionally rare objects. Housed within a 19th century fire station, The Poster Shop (FYI: disregard the's not ONLY posters) takes over a 2000-square foot space where visitors are welcome to explore items by the likes of Inez van Lamsweerde, Roy Lichtenstein, Nan Goldin and David Armstrong.

Oh, did we mention the best part? Most items within the Shop will set you back a maximum of $100. So if you're still trying to find something for that tricky person who always seems to have everything, head over to Chelsea and bust through that fire station. The Poster Shop will be open for the holidays through Thursday, December 23, open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm.—Yale Breslin
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Matthew Marks Gallery

526 W 22nd Street, New York NY