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Fashion Fans Risk Frostbite for a Shot at Alexander Wang in Soho

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Today at 10am, the doors of Alexander Wang's legendary bi-annual sample sale officially open to the public. Bags have already been cleaned out, and there aren't any actual samples to be found—but the deals are still pretty amazing. Below, sale expert Fawnia Soo Hoo guides us through the line-waiting experience.

9:03am: Good morning from the Alexander Wang sale line. There are about 30 people gathered out here on this super-chilly morning. I'd say about half of them are wearing hats. Guess it's all fashion before function for an Alexander Wang sale.

9:09am: The line is growing steadily. About a handful of additional people—all girls—have joined since I arrived. Lots of single girls, as opposed to groups, but maybe they're just saving places for late-comers.

9:13am: A nice-looking young man just asked a line-goer "What are you guys all waiting for?" She told him, and he thanked her and walked off. He was cute, hon! Should have kept the conversation going.

9:25am: The line is almost to Spring Street now. The cold might be keeping some shoppers at home (or at work) today. There aren't nearly as many people here as there were this summer. For obvious reasons.

9:30am: Breaking: The line is officially around the corner.

9:32am: I think the aforementioned girl must have a look about her, because an older man just walked by, stopped, turned around, and asked her wait we're all waiting for.

9:38am: I'm a bit concerned about her because she's in a thick sweater as opposed to the puffy jacket that she should be wearing. And no hat! Another girl is wearing flats, and I can see exposed skin. It's like 20 degrees out here, people.

The line as of 9:30am

9:41am: A man wearing a long shearling coat over a skirt (or is that a dress?) just walked by.

9:49am: I have to say, this line is especially somber. Maybe it's too cold to talk? Everyone around me is doing that two-step dance to increase blood flow to their freezing feet.

9:54am: A street style photog just snapped a picture of a girl near me. She's rocking a shiny puffy coat with a fur-lined hood.

9:55am: Oh wow. The line is around the corner almost to Greene Street.

Just looking at this photo makes us want to put on another sweater—Ed

9:56am: The next four minutes cannot pass by fast enough. I can't feel my fingers or toes.

9:59am: I just broke the news to the girl in front of me about the lack of samples. I may have ruined her day. I'm curious to see if they do have more bags and shoes, and if they unearthed any samples. One can always hope.

10:04am: Yay! We're moving. The bag and coat check will definitely slow down the process, though.

10:07am: OK, it really shouldn't take this long for people to remove their coats. We're at a standstill.

10:11am: A couple guys just rolled up to cut in line with their friends. One explained, "I overslept." If I was the friend, after freezing my butt out here for half an hour, I'd be like "The back of the line is that way, buddy."

We're in! Head this way as the liveblog continues inside the sale.

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