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The Shoe Supply at Alexander Wang: Severely Depleted

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After yesterday's friends-and-family preview, what's left at Alexander Wang? Having survived the frozen wait this morning, Fawnia Soo Hoo investigates the public sale in the liveblog below.

10:18am: I'm in and slowly defrosting. At first glance, the RTW looks plentiful.

10:20am: The bag situation: There are a few tan Brenda zips and gray-green small camera bags leg.

10:24am: The shoe supply is pretty meager, too. It's down to one sparsely-populated multi-shelf rack. I see a few of the tall, zippered shoe/boots.

10:26am: The T by Alexander Wang supply, on the other hand, is still plentiful. That said, it looks like they're down a rack. No more gray zip-front dresses, but still lots of camel and some blacks.

10:29am: Still tons of regular Alexander Wag apparel. Lots of LBDs, plus the ivory day dress in hammered silk and that gold and black drapey frock.

10:32am: OK, so a closer look at the shoes show that there are really on 35s and 36s left. A staffer confirmed that there are no more bags or shoes coming in. That's it, folks. (Said staffed snapped "I can only help one person at a time" when we asked, and yet there are two staffers standing there watching one girl try on shoes. Anyway!)

10:33am: Staffers are busting open new boxes of T tees. Lots of black and white stripes.

10:34am: Plenty of knitwear, too.

10:37am: The staffers on the floor (who are much nicer) confirmed that they will be replenishing apparel every day.

10:42am: I'm heading out, but I'll leave you with one final look at the line. It's halfway down Spring between Mercer and Greene. Now that's more like it!

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