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Yumi Kim Combats Sale Burnout with Silky Smooth Deals

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We were this close to holiday sale fatigue, but the Yumi Kim sale pulled us off the edge of the precipice. A room full of the designer's signature punchy colors and cheerful vintage-inspired prints was a nice contrast to the earlier non-color palette of the Alexander Wang sale. Of course, the pricing—$50 for silk dresses (plus rompers and jumpsuits) and $35 for tops—also helped cure our shopping exhaustion.

Before we begin, though, a warning: The sale is full of samples (meaning sample sizes) and overstock pieces that are mostly small and extra small, with some mediums in the mix. So unfortunately, this sale might not please everyone. But now that we put that out there, let's discuss what you'll find on the racks and in the bins.

For $50, you'll get not only dresses but also adorable bright colored and patterned rompers (we found the zip-front style that is pretty ubiquitous, plus ruffly halter styles and a couple floral patterned short sleeve ones) and spaghetti-strap ruffle-front jumpsuits in rich jewel tones. The dress styles run the gamut from mini to maxi, from summery prints (we loved the sky blue bustier top and pleated skirt mini-dress) to long-sleeve autumn-friendly florals to even heavier knit long-sleeve and button-front frocks. There are also gold and silver sequin low back mini-dresses at the back—perfect for a last ditch wallet-friendly holiday party or New Year's Eve dress. There were also a couple of wool coats that fell in this price point, but they're probably gone now.

As for the $35 tops, there are a ton, mostly stord in the bins, although there are a few racks, too. We saw sleeveless, puff sleeve, button front, peasant, zip-front, you name it. Rifling through the bins might take some time commitment though because it's just a sea of silky patterns and colors.

The sale is a huge mix of Fall/Winter 2010, past seasons (we saw some repeats for sure), and one-off samples and samples that never made it into production. So it pays to look carefully. It's cash-only for purchases up to $200 and the tax is already included in the advertised price points, making for easy math. There is a sectioned-off communal area for fitting—just beware, there's some spackle dust or something lurking about, so careful about setting your clothes and belongings down on surface areas. Also, the staffers are incredibly nice and helpful in helping find specific prints and styles and hunting down sizes. The lunchtime rush was starting when we dropped by, so head over early for the most selection.
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