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Diddy's Party Disaster; 'Burg Flea Market Challenges the Brooklyn Flea

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MIDTOWN—Last night, fashion mogul and general renaissance man Diddy threw a party at The London NYC for his new album, which features appearances by Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, and André Leon Talley. The entire evening was broadcast on UStream, and so even those of us who weren't there can relive the magical moment when a model in a hot tub accidentally set her hair on fire. [Eater NY]

WILLIAMSBURG—Flea war! Artists & Fleas has a message for the Brooklyn Flea, which plans to invade its territory starting in April. Actually, they have two messages: "Bring it, Bk Flea. You'll only share in what we've had the fun of doing for a while now in Williamsburg" and "There goes the neighborhood cc: duane reade, starbucks, brooklyn flea." [Racked Comments]

Artists & Fleas

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