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The Rodarte Sale Checks in to the Ace Hotel; Vote in the Curbed Cup

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WHODI—Madison Avenue Spy has learned that tomorrow's Rodarte sale will be located at the Ace Hotel. The sale is only open to those who RSVP'd, and we're hearing that many people who emailed the proper address have yet to receive any response. One lucky tipster, however, just appeared in the comments to announce that she'd gotten in. Head over here for all the details. [MAS; Racked Comments]

NEW YORK CITY—Meanwhile, our sibling site Curbed has pitted the Ace Hotel region (which they're calling WhoDi, as in "Wholesale District") against Hell's Kitchen in the Curbed Cup, their annual attempt to determine the neighborhood of the year. Right now, Hell's Kitchen is winning, but doesn't hosting an impenetrable sample sale earn WhoDi at least a couple points? Vote for all their neighborhood face-offs right here. [Curbed NY]

The Ace Hotel

20 W. 29th Street, New York NY