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The Sunner Sample Sale Deserves Much More Attention

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While the pricey Proenza Schouler sale in Soho was being completely ripped apart for $400 dresses, the Sunner sample sale further uptown practically had tumbleweeds rolling through. We need to rectify this tragic injustice, as the sample sale has some seriously good finds starting at just $25. That said, there is a caveat: It is, after all, a sample sale, so sizes skew toward small and extra small, although we did spot some mediums. Just had to get that out of the way.

The really pleasant surprise was that there are two generous racks of extremely cute and seasonal items like jackets for $60 and coats for $70 $75. We were tempted by some ruffly confections, like a nipped-waist jacket with gold toggle buttons and a long, high-neck ruffle coat in navy and camel. We also liked a wintry grey poncho with gold buttons.

Definitely take a look at the fall clothing on the rack to the right of the door. Cotton plaid shirts are just $30 (cropped, fitted button-downs, more ruffles), as are additional tops and tunics. There were also a few one-off pant styles, like a dark denim peg-leg and fitted khakis for $20 and cotton dresses are $45. Definitely dig through for a few adorable fall romper styles: A chambray puff sleeve number with black embroidered embellishment and also a dark grey flannel button down style. These run for $50 a piece.

The rest of the sale is full of the signature silky Sunner frocks and separates, in a myriad of patterns, prints and solids. Pricing runs from $25 for silk shorts (loved the navy ruffle ones) to $40 for silk tunics, tops and pants to $50 for silk dresses and jumpers. Do dig through the bins for the Spring samples, as we found some cute (albeit wrinkled) pieces.

The colors run the gamut, so there are definitely items that can be layered for the cold weather season and then will take you though to Spring. Plus, if you're in the market for a resort vacation wear (or are stocking up for warmer weather) and are more Williamsburg waterfront concert that Calypso East Hamptons, this is your off-season sale. Cash and credit are accepted and there are no fitting rooms. We were the only ones in the sale this morning and there was plenty of stock to be had. Time to show Sunner some love, ladies.
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