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Stylish Sportswear Gets People Spending at the Y-3 Sale

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If you think that people won't wake up early or risk getting to work late to spend the morning buying shoes, then you obviously haven't been reading Racked very long. This morning, at the crack of 9am, the showroom on the 3rd floor of Adidas' building on Houston at Broadway was crawling with devotees of Y-3, the Adidas collaboration with legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

The focus, as usual, was on the shoes ($75-$50 for Y-3 and $50-$40 for SLVR), but this sale brought more clothing than usual. The explanation could be found in the racks of Adidas SLVR supplementing the Yohji goods, but at lower, easy impulse buy prices.

Overall, pricing is a tad higher this sale than at the last one, and many items you've already seen on Gilt make a second showing here, but for asymmetrical wool skirts or those World Cup soccer shoes, nothing beats seeing them and trying them on first in person.

For those looking for gifts, check out the cashmere hats and scarves, or the small racks of cheap Porsche Design clothing (most $20, accessories $10). Sleek and easy buys for the masculine man who is maybe in dire need of better workout clothes or casual wear in general.
· Dealfeed: Y-3/Adidas SLVR [Racked NY]

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